On Our Packages

Who better to show off our products other than our own pets? That's why each dog featured on our packaging is part of our family.

As a Pit Bull/ Border Collie mix, Ellie has very soft fur, is a little bit timid at first but once she knows you, she just wants to cuddle and have her belly rubbed. She is very smart and high energy and will play for hours with her buddy Roger. She sleeps in her crate at night and comes bounding out every morning ready to enjoy the new day. With Lamb treats as a training aid, Ellie loves to leap through a Hula Hoop!


Roger is always happy, loves to meet new people, and make friends with other dogs. He enjoys long hikes and playing catch with his ball. His nemeses are bushy tailed squirrels that always scamper up a tree out of reach. For Roger life was pretty simple and a little bit boring until his sister Ellie showed up. He now has to share his family (and his food and his toys and his bed) but it is a good trade off to have a full time playmate that has a lot of energy. Roger was instrumental in the founding of Superior Farms Pet Products and he has put in a lot of hours testing and perfecting the treats and chews.


Chupacabra started out life a little rough, as a kitten on the streets. He was soon found and brought to the local shelter and we adopted him into our family when he was around one year old. He fit right in with the family, and grew up to be the most handsome cat (though we may be a bit biased). He loves his doggy brothers and sister, loves cuddling next to you on the couch, watching the birds fly around through the window, talking (meowing) as loud as he can for any reason, and of course his Lamb Tweets. He’s so fond of the Tweets, that as soon as he hears a bag of treats rustle, he comes running from whatever nap spot he was sunbathing in, to be first in line (in front of the dogs even) for a treat.”

Gemma Doll is just that – a doll. She is a very happy-go-lucky dog who can a put a smile on anyone’s face. She may be a bird dog, but she also loves trying to befriend squirrels, lizards, and anything else she can chase. Her hobbies consist of perfecting cuddles, sock collecting, bird watching, and staying active. On lazy days, you can find Gemma sunbathing near a window and watching the world go by. Gemma may live a life of luxury, but do not underestimate this SFPP product tester. She is one hard working employee and takes her job very seriously.

Shilo is a high-energy, intensely loyal, and fabulously loving dog. He loves his people more than anything, with his dog brother and sister coming in a close second. He’s the oldest “child” of the family, and takes his role of big brother very seriously, always making sure that play time is monitored closely from his perch, every knock on the door is seriously investigated, and the foot of the bed is closely guarded each night. He’s an incredibly sensitive dog, and always seems to know when his people need a little extra love or laughter. He hasn’t met a SFPP treat that he doesn’t like yet, but his favorites include the Venison Crepes, Lamb Lung Waffles, and Beef Pizzle Twists!